Apache Camel – Send a File to ActiveMQ

Maven Dependencies



Main Program

package com.dineshkrish.example4;

import javax.jms.ConnectionFactory;

import org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory;
import org.apache.camel.CamelContext;
import org.apache.camel.builder.RouteBuilder;
import org.apache.camel.component.jms.JmsComponent;
import org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultCamelContext;

 * @author Dinesh Krishnan

public class FileToActiveMQ {

	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

		// create the camel context
		CamelContext context = new DefaultCamelContext();

		// create connection for activeMQ server
		ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory("vm://localhost");
		context.addComponent("jms", JmsComponent.jmsComponentAutoAcknowledge(connectionFactory));

		try {
			// adding route to camel context
			context.addRoutes(new RouteBuilder() {
				public void configure() throws Exception {

			while (true) {
				// start the context

		} catch (Exception e) {


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