How to Convert Map to JSON in Java using Gson API

Convert Map to JSON in Java

Simple example about, How to Convert Map to JSON in Java using Gson API.

package com.dineshkrish.json;

public class Item {

	private int itemId;
	private String itemName;
	private String itemDesc;
	public Item(int itemId, String itemName, String itemDesc) {
		this.itemId = itemId;
		this.itemName = itemName;
		this.itemDesc = itemDesc;

	public int getitemId() {
		return itemId;

	public String getitemName() {
		return itemName;

	public String getitemDesc() {
		return itemDesc;


package com.dineshkrish.json;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;


public class MapConversion {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		// Defining Gson Object
		Gson gson = new Gson();
		// Defining Map Object
		Map<Integer, Item> itemMap = new HashMap<Integer, Item>();
		// Adding elements to Map
		itemMap.put(101, new Item(101, "Java", "Java Language"));
		itemMap.put(102, new Item(101, "C", "C Language"));
		itemMap.put(103, new Item(101, "Python", "Python Language"));
		itemMap.put(104, new Item(101, "Ruby", "Ruby Language"));
		itemMap.put(105, new Item(101, "Php", "PHP Language"));
		// Convert Map to Json
		String jsonString = gson.toJson(itemMap);


{“102”:{“itemId”:101,”itemName”:”C”,”itemDesc”:”C Language”},”103″:{“itemId”:101,”itemName”:”Python”,”itemDesc”:”Python Language”},”101″:{“itemId”:101,”itemName”:”Java”,”itemDesc”:”Java Language”},”104″:{“itemId”:101,”itemName”:”Ruby”,”itemDesc”:”Ruby Language”},”105″:{“itemId”:101,”itemName”:”Php”,”itemDesc”:”PHP Language”}}


1. Gson API JavaDocs

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